The Fred Olsen cruise vessels Boudicca and Black Watch have been upgraded to today's requirements as per Marpol MEPC 227 (64).

Both vessels have been equipped with new Marinfloc Neptumatic sewage treatment systems . The installation on Boudicca was done by Marinfloc and Quista Maritme while seagoing and during full operation in October-November 2016 and installed in Black Watch was installed during dry dock in Hamburg December 2016.

STS 60 Unit


The vessels were built 1972 & 1973 but now produce the same effluent water quality as a ship built 2017. The two ships are sister vessels and have  a 148 m3 center ship sewage holding tank that has now been converted to a bioreactor and used in the treatment system. Size matters, and this will provide a very big, and hence a very effective bio reactor without utilizing any new space onboard. The tank needed to be modified to optimize the biological activity and now also includes a separate compartment for the sewage sludge. Integrating the bio-reactor in the ship structure also enables the treatment units to have a small foot print without affecting the outlet water quality. 

The treatment units are small but still had to be dissembled and hand carried to the location in the engine room where they were installed. Two Drum screens were installed on top of the 148 m3 tank and these remove coarse particles from the water and separates it to the sewage sludge tank below. The biological activity in the huge bio reactor removes BOD and Nitrogen whereas the treatment units remove solids and nutrients such as phosphorous by chemical flocculation. All water is sterilized from bacteria and viruses before being discharged overboard. 

Drum screens installed on top of the bioreactor and sewage sludge tank.

Clean effluent before being pumped overboard.

The engineers can operate the entire system remotely. From the engine control room.