Fleet view / vessel card

The Fleet view holds a Card for each vessel registered to the MARS portal.

Information from top:

  • Vessel name
  • Online/Offline mostly depending on the satellite system onboard vessel
  • Vessel IMO number
  • Total Treated Water Overboard since Whitebox was originally installed.
  • Company LOGO
  • History for last 30 days:
    • Water overboard
    • Average Oil Content of discharged water
    • Door openings
    • OCM Flushing
    • Days since discharge


MARS = Marinfloc Alert, Report and Support
PPM = Parts Per Million
OWS = Oily Water Separator
WBS = Whitebox
OCM = Oil Content Meter

Pages Intro

Each page is by default showing the logged data during the last 30 days. This can be changes from the drop down list or specified in detail from the calendar.

Page 1: Status

Illustration shows the flow of bilge water from bilge tank, via OWS and finally Whitebox. Here the cleaned water is by default sent back to bilge tank until the PPM value is below 15 PPM, when the cleaned water is discharged overboard.

Information from left:

  • Contact form for sending messages directly to Marinfloc MARS team.
  • Outlet Ratio indicated the percentage of water volume > 15 PPM sent in return in relation to water volume < 15 PPM discharged overboard. This is also a good indication on the performance of the OWS.
  • Average PPM of the discharged water.

Page 2: History Chart

History showing events during the chosen period.

  • Green: Manual flushing events
  • Purple: Door opening events
  • Blue: Average PPM during discharge
  • Orange: Discharged water (m3)

Page 3: Discharge map

Vessel track is only logged when a discharge event is active. On this map two events are visible marked with the number 2 indicating a S (Start) and E (End) marker.s.

When zooming in on the marker individual track and putting the cursor over the E-marker the following information is visible:

  • Date & time of end marker
  • Latitude & Longitude in decimal-degree format
  • Water discharged (m3)
  • Duration of discharge
  • Average PPM during discharge

Page 4: OCM

The MARS service can keep track of all Deckma OCM-cells onboard the vessel also those mounted on non Marinfloc equipment / OWS.

  • Certificate serial number
  • OCM Type
  • Issue date
  • Due date
  • Link for PDF-certificate