Our CD unit, a  dissolved air flotation and flocculation system, has been specifically engineered to treat bilge water to levels below 5 ppm. This technology's adaptability allows operators to adjust the dosage based on the current conditions, ensuring optimal treatment of varying bilge water compositions. Developed with onboard ship conditions in mind, the CD unit not only complies with MARPOL requirements but also caters to the unique challenges faced by maritime operations.

Flocculation is widely recognized as a superior technique for treating emulsions, and it is employed in treatment facilities worldwide. The process offers a highly effective method for aggregating fine particles and contaminants, enabling their easy removal from the water. By utilizing flocculation, Marinfloc's CD unit ensures a more efficient and environmentally friendly treatment process, which results in cleaner discharge water that adheres to stringent environmental regulations. This commitment to excellence and sustainability is why Marinfloc's is a trusted name in bilge water treatment solutions.

Our CD unit offers a capacity range of 0.25 to 5.0 m³ per hour, accommodating the needs of various vessel sizes and operational requirements.


The process comprises of five key stages, which are tailored to accommodate the varying compositions of bilge water:

  1. Oil Separation: Our oil descaler utilizes gravity to separate free oil from water, allowing it to float and be transferred to the sludge tank.

  2. Aeration: We employ a pressurized system to dissolve air into the water, preparing it for the subsequent stages.

  3. Flocculation: Our specialized flocculation chemicals facilitate the coagulation of emulsions, chemicals, and particles into flocs, streamlining the treatment process.

  4. Flotation: The dissolved air bubles from the aeration process is introduced into the flocs, lifting them to the surface of the flotation tank. These flocs are then removed and directed to the sludge tank.

  5. Filtration: The purified water from the flocculation process undergoes polishing filtration to achieve a final discharge level of 0-5 ppm, ensuring compliance with environmental standards.

Take a look at the below animation for a more detailed introduction to our system.


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