The Marinfloc CS has been developed for H2S, BOD and COD reduction on sewage holding tanks.

H2S is produced by bacteria when organic matter is decomposed in holding tanks under oxygen depleted conditions. H2S is an odorous, toxic and explosive gas that moreover is very corrosive and many ports have strict H2S limitations when collecting sewage. The Marinfloc CS will continuously keep the water oxygen rich so H2S cannot be generated. Futhermore, the oxygen rich environment will stimulate the biological decomposition of organic matter and hence reduce the BOD (Biological oxygen demand) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand). Oxygen is dissolved in the Marinfloc CS unit under pressure and the air is released into the water as nano-bubbles when the water is reintroduced to the tank. The nano-bubbles are very small and will therefore evacuate from the tank very slowly and keep the water oxygen rich.

The Marinfloc CS can also be used for discharging the sewage overboard as per the MEPC 157(55) requirement and can be upgraded to discharge sewage between 3-12 nm as per MARPOL annex IV regulation 9. 1.2.

The Marinfloc CS is fully automatic operates unattended and can be installed instead of a biological sewage treatment plant and discharge outside 3 nm from the nearest land.

The Marinfloc CS unit can be connected to the Whitebox for logging and the Enviropilot for automating the discharge where allowed.

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