We can perform water analysis in the laboratory such as Oil content, TSS, BOD(5), COD etc. We also test and advice on how various chemicals onboard will affect the waste water and provide recommendations on their use. The lists of approved chemicals and flocculents are continuously updated so please contact us to get the most updated lists.

Marinfloc can also provide sampling and  testing equipment for black and grey water, bilge water, drill slop and scrubber water.

Marinfloc Bilge- and Black-Grey water test kit
The Marinfloc Bilge and Black-Grey water test kit is designed so you can verify the functionality of your wastewater treatment plants. You will also be able to adjust the correct chemical dosage of your Marinfloc treatment plants and to see how a chemical will affect them.
- With the simple field test, taking not more than 30 minutes, you can get a good indication of the performance of your sewage treatment plant.  With the field test you will get indication of the effluent TSS and COD levels after your treatment plant.
- Marinfloc treat bilge- and black-grey water with help from flocculation. The flocculation process is very effective, but you need to adjust the chemicals correctly to receive the best possible result. With the tools in this test kit, you will be able to determine the correct dosage of chemicals in just a couple of minutes. A better flocculation process leads to a minimum of maintenance.
- Are you unsure how the chemicals you use onboard affect your Marinfloc treatment unit?
No problem! You can perform a test, based on the same principle as when you determine the correct dosage of your flocculation chemical. The test takes a couple of minutes and have the possibility to save you a lot of time wondering why the flocculation process is not working well.


Older version of the Marinfloc test kit
There has been a previous version of the Marinfloc test kit. This version does not contain the tools to test the COD- or the TSS value in your black- and grey water.
The previous test kit can be updated, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.