• Family of Oily Water Separators

    Family of Oily Water Separators

    Wide range of capacity from 0,25 to 5,0m3/hour Read More
  • Deck Drain Treatment

    Deck Drain Treatment

    The process from contaminated drains to 0 ppm Read More
  • Marinfloc ASTS Sewage Treatment

    Marinfloc ASTS Sewage Treatment

    Marinfloc introduces one of the smallest Sewage Treatment plants in the world, only 1200x800mm footprint. Fits anywhere! Read More
  • Marinfloc On tour

    Marinfloc On tour

    The Marinfloc Concept is ready for the road. The bus is fully equipped with everything that is needed for a theoretical and practical training session. Give us a call to find out the closest bus stop.
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Written on 2017/02/01

1000-engineers-trained-now-in-the-marinfloc-academy To date over 1000 engineers have been trained in the Marinfloc academy.   The two day training session includes theoretical parts on how to design an optimized bilge water system, why bilge water is still such a big problem on many ship and why we still frequently read about magic pipes and deliberate pollution in the media, water chemistry, how to strengthen...

Written on 2017/02/01

marinfloc-book-about-black-and-grey-water We have published a book about Black and Grey water that covers everything from water chemistry to the regulations and also address the challenges with this waste stream onboard a vessel and also the proposed corrective measures to overcome the problems.   We have seen so many vessels equipped with treatment units that cannot meet the effluent requirements and the Dutch shipping...

Written on 2017/01/28


Written on 2017/01/25

new-product-launch-the-marinfloc-cs   The Marinfloc CS has been developed for H2S, BOD and COD reduction on sewage holding tanks.   H2S is produced by bacteria when organic matter is decomposed in holding tanks under oxygen depleted conditions. H2S is an odorous, toxic and explosive gas that moreover is very corrosive and many ports have strict H2S limitations when collecting sewage. The Marinfloc CS will continuously...

Written on 2017/01/23

reintroducing-the-neptumatic-brand   Marinfloc has decided to reintroduce the brand name Neptumatic for our sewage treatment systems.   The Neptumatic is a great name and the technology in our current systems has evolved from the Neptumatic technology.   The Neptumatic was originally developed by Sahlén and Wicander in the 70's and over 300 systems were installed and quite a few are still in operation. The old Neptumatic...

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