The Leader in Waste Water Treatment

It is very important to protect our oceans from oil pollutions and other enviromental influences that can be derived from vessel's waste water. The products from Marinfloc are developed and tested to fulfill Your goals to keep the environment fresh and clean.

Marinfloc develop manufactures and sell high quality equipment for bilge-, sludge-, grey- and black-water treatment. The equipment is tested and certified according the newest MEPC, SOLAS and IMO regulations.

We are the only partner you need when it comes to waste water!

Marinfloc news

Written on 15 December 2010, 10.02

Watch a Marinfloc CD2 clean dirty bilge water on a container vessel to 0 PPM through a Whitebox

Written on 02 November 2010, 13.46

marinfloc-on-tourThe Marinfloc Concept is now ready for the road again. The 17th of April the buss will start to traffic Europe again. Planned bus-stops for this season are: Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, UK, Norway and Sweden. Please contact us and we might be able to visit your company for a customized training and presentation.

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