About Marinfloc

Since Marinfloc's founding, we have set the standard for cutting-edge systems for wastewater treatment on ships and offshore units. Bilge water, drill slop, black and grey water and oily sludge are all treated by our equipment. Our expertise and extensive experience in marine engineering is the cornerstone to Marinfloc's success and we are proud that all Marinfloc technology is thoroughly developed on board ships to meet onboard conditions rather than just to comply with regulations that don't reflect reality. We use flocculation technology to clean water as it has been proven to be by far the most effective technique. All our treatment units produce effluent water that exceeds all current standards. All our equipment is made in Sweden at our Varekil factory to the highest quality standards, and we only use premium parts and supplies. Our dedicated service organization consists of skilled service engineers, and we offer quick response to assist a customer if required. Marinfloc Sales and Production AB, as well as Marinfloc Service and Support AB, are part of the Marinfloc Holding Group. The group has a shared ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 management system that covers Sales, design, development, and manufacturing of wastewater treatment plants for the shipping and offshore industry. This also includes after sales services such as spare parts, customer support and training.

Design and development of new proprietary equipment and solutions for which Marin Miljoteknik AB is responsible and Installation activity performed by subcontractor.

Both companies share the same vision- a clean sea!

Scope of Marinfloc’s management system

The two companies have a shared ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 management system that covers the sections described in What we do and Solutions and also design and development for improving our equipment, processes and solutions. (Excluded from the management system is only design and development new proprietary equipment and solutions for which Marin Miljöteknik AB is responsible).


Quality and Environmental Policy

pdf Marinfloc Quality and Enviromental Policy 2020 (506 KB)


Quality and Environmental Certificates

pdf Certificate ISO 9001 2024 (622 KB)

pdf Certificate ISO 14001 2024 (622 KB)


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