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Working at Marinfloc means continuosly changes and innovation. We believe in every coworkers competence and we support each other to meet our mission, clean water overboard.

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Mycket händer på Marinfloc och vi behöver fler ombord! Nu letar vi efter en innesäljare med teknisk själ, redo att lyfta karriären till nya höjder. Kan du hålla vårt skepp stadigt i strålande solsken och svallande vågor, då är det dags att bli en del i vår Floc!


Per Bolinder

Sales Director

Being able to work with what I'm passionate about, the ocean and the environment, while also working with inspiring people, was what made me choose to start working at Marinfloc. Here, we make a difference and get to create a clean ocean with our products for our customers. In addition, we have an absolutely fantastic unity and camaraderie that you can't find anywhere else.

Marinfloc is an innovative company where every individual is heard and listened to. People take time for each other and build the future together. Our vision is to be able to develop our service and services for our customers, and to be an attractive employer for skilled and interested employees. Being able to foster better knowledge, understanding, and increased interest in a way that is clear and readily available with digital solutions.

Marie Högberg

Service Coordinator

I was drawn to Marinfloc because I liked the description of the position which involves many different tasks, so no two days are alike. We have a great atmosphere and work closely throughout the whole chain, which makes it enjoyable to come to work. There's a genuine commitment that permeates the entire company, where we care for each other and receive support from management and between colleagues.

Marinfloc is a creative company that is growing and establishing its presence globally for a cleaner ocean. It's an exciting journey to be a part of, where all employees contribute. There are many exciting developments underway, including the digitalization of the company and the expansion of the service department with more staff traveling the world for service jobs.

Björn Aadnöy

Project manager

I have worked at Marinfloc for 10 years and have a background in automation and process technology, as well as 25 years of experience in marine electronics. Marinfloc is a moderately sized company with unique technical knowledge that wants to make a difference for the world's marine environments. The most stimulating part of the job is to be involved in the constant development of new technology to give us a cleaner ocean.

A typical day consists of my own work with Marinfloc's Cloud Service or in our test lab around electrical cabinets on their way to customers, as well as collaboration with colleagues, customers, and consultants in exciting development projects. I am very comfortable with the great freedom and responsibility I feel from the company's management. The After Sales team has a wide range of knowledge and ages, making it a dynamic working environment.

Yassin Lehnin


I have a mechatronic background which in recent years I have chosen to supplement with automation and maintenance technology. I've always been fascinated by ships and thought about training to be a sailor, but just as I was applying, I found the service technician position at Marinfloc. Now, nearly 10 years later, I'm here with the same smile I had when I was offered the job. In my opinion, the service technician role has the perfect balance; you work a lot independently but you always feel that the company has your back when needed.

The most stimulating aspect of the job, I must say, is the interaction and all the people you get to meet in every corner of the world. The benefits of working at Marinfloc are numerous. You work under your own responsibility but with a strong team behind you. The company has such vast expertise that you will always get the help you seek, and this without feeling "intrusive". Marinfloc is like a mini-family where everyone understands everyone and where everyone helps each other.

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