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For over 25 years, we have put all our energy into creating the world’s best solutions for treating and controlling wastewater from vessels and offshore platforms.
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Ensuring optimal waste management and streamlined operations. At Marinfloc, our commitment is to simplify and enhance your onboard wastewater system maintenance.

Handling drilling slop in mud-handling areas poses a major challenge. At Marinfloc, we offer sustainable and safe solutions that help you protect your operations. Our system is specifically designed to treat high concentrations of barite and bentonite. At the same time, the dRain unit monitors and controls the water flow in the piping from the deck drain.

Marinfloc's neptumatic systems maximize onboard space by using a vessel's holding tanks as bioreactors. Our systems provide optimal sewage treatment, conforming to the latest regulations. Choose Marinfloc to ensure compliance, enhance efficiency, and safeguard the ecosystems and human health.

No other waste stream on a ship is so closely connected to million-dollar fines and imprisonment as bilge water. Bilge water contains various pollutants from the engine room, not just oil and water. Marinfloc has the expertise, technology, and flexibility to provide tailored solutions for your needs.

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Marinfloc has a
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On thousands of vessels, supported by a network of sales representatives and service agents in major shipping hubs.

Our vision is a clean sea

Embark with us on the journey towards true maritime sustainability

Marinfloc develops sustainable solutions for a clean maritime industry. Our smart and reliable solutions reduce harmful emissions and eliminate illegal discharges, but they also protect the crew and the vessel owners from severe penalties and bad publicity. By serving our customers with excellence, we also contribute to protecting our environment.


Unwavering support. Top-notch training.

Safer waste streams and better workflow. At Marinfloc, we are dedicated to helping you manage and minimize the maintenance of your onboard wastewater systems.

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