The Swedish Maritime Administration is breaking ice and new environmental ground.

We want to make our operations as effective and environmentally friendly as possible.
Albert Hagander, Technical director, Swedish Maritime Administration

Oden, a Swedish icebreaker that was built in 1989 in Gotaverken Arendal shipyard and is managed by Viking Supply AS. Odens keeps the Baltic shipping lanes open winter time and is utilized as a polar research vessel during the summer.

Oden was equipped with a Marinfloc Oily water separator already in the 90’s prior to its first north pole expedition and Oden is one of the few vessels that has reached the top of the world and was the first non atomic powered vessel to do so.

The sewage treatment plant was upgraded to a Marinfloc ASTS 24 including new stainless steel tank structure and vacuum collection system for the toilets. Marinfloc was appointed to manage the entire system solution from installation to start up. The ASTS 24 is an advanced sewage treatment system that meets the upcoming stringent Baltic sea requirements as per MEPC 227(64) with the addition of paragraph 4.2 that includes Phosphorus and Nitrogen removal. This regulation applies to passenger vessels and comes into force 2021 for existing vessels and 2019 for new builds so Oden is well prepared, well in time.

Effluent water sampling also proves system efficiency well below the requirements also in service. This is achie­ved without the use of membranes, which is not a user friendly option, by utilizing the vessel holding tanks as bioreactors which provides an enormous volume and consequently retention time for the bacterial processes. The treatment plant itself can hence also have a very small foot print as no bio reactor is required and the biological processes is complemented with a flocculation stage for solids and phosphorous removal just as on a land based sewage treatment plant but with a marine mindset that has overcome the challenges of a moving vessel. Coarse particles and solids are separated to the sewage sludge tank by a self-cleaning rotating screen where it is mixed with the sludge from the treatment plant. The sewage sludge is very concentrated and is landed to shore facilities when the vessel is in port.

The vessel has also been upgraded with a new 5 PPM approved oily water separator from Marinfloc to fulfil the latest regulation MEPC 107(49). The benefits include continuous automatic operation which is achieved by the forced floatation process that lifts contamination, that has been bound together by the flocculation agents, to the surface where it is separated to the sludge tank. This provides the most effective way to separate oil, dust, chemicals, particles and all other contaminants that will trigger high oil content readings. Effluent sampling from the CD system is below the drinking water requirements not just for oil but also for heavy metals, PAH and other harmful substances.

Marinfloc Advanced Sewage Treatment Plant- ASTS

The Swedish Maritime authorities is taking the lead in the region for environmental excellence and it is not just Oden that has been upgraded. The other four icebreakers Frej, Ymer and Ale has also been upgraded so Sweden is breaking new environmental ground with a little help from Marinfloc.