The World Dream is to be delivered with a state of the art bilge water system. 


The World Dream will be delivered 2017 and includes many environmental friendly features including an

optimized bilge water system. 

The vessel is equipped with a 95 m3 bilge water holding tank in double bottom and a two stage bilge water

settling tank of 19 + 14 m3 with sloped bottom and drain connections at various heights. The big volume

makes the water composition consistent over time and the shape has been designed to provide the best

conditions for separation of oil and sediments. The settling tank is equipped with filling and heating automation

which removes any manual handling that saves time and provides the best conditions for the crew

to treat the bilge water. A settling tank really should be a Marpol requirement. Anyone that has been at

sea know how much it eases the daily operation for the crew. 


The vessel is equipped with three oily water separators. One centrifugal type and two Marinfloc 5m3/h

flocculation type. -We have chosen to combine the best of two worlds in the selection of oily water separator

technology. The centrifugal type will circulate the bilge water tank and the Marinfloc units discharge

overboard at < 5 PPM. By having two different technologies we provide the crew with tools to treat any

bilge water. The centrifuge is efficient in removing free oil and sediments and the Flocculation type can

treat oil emulsions and fibers from sewage which is a contaminant that is more common in cruise ship bilge

water says Kenneth Olson, team leader machinery for Genting Cruises at Meyer yard in Papenburg. 


The Marinfloc separator can discharge directly overboard through a Whitebox or to a 45 m3 clean bilge

water tank if the vessel is in port. Cruise ships in general produce more bilge water compared to a tanker

or container vessel and has moreover longer and more frequent port stays. As they often trade sensitive

areas it is necessary to be able to operate the oily water separator even in port and discharge to the clean

bilge water tank instead of overboard. When allowed the clean water tank is emptied at 15 m3/h through

a Whitebox. The Whitebox is a company standard and was developed by Marinfloc in the in collaboration

with Star Cruises in the 90's. The Whitebox is always locked and provides the crew with all required data to

keep accurate records and the Chief engineer has the key.