Polarcus DMCC is a provider of geophysical services and is a forerunner of environmentally friendly operations.

Polarcus has Triple-E rating 1 of the entire fleet. Triple-E stands for Energy efficiency, Environmental performance and Economies of scale and is a voluntary scheme for ships to be certified by DNVGL, based on quantifiable verification of their environmental performance.

This environmental commitment includes ballast water treatment on all vessels and the use of low sulphur MGO to minimize NOX and SOX emissions. In addition, soft starts are used to warn marine mammals well in advance of beginning the seismic survey so they have time to leave the immediate vicinity.

For bilge water, Polarcus have a 5 PPM standard throughout their fleet but the first vessels that were delivered from the shipyard in UAE, Polarcus Nadia & Polarcus Naila were equipped with coalescing oily water separators with filter elements. This resulted in the need for very frequent filter element replacements to reach 5 PPM giving rise to high costs for the company and a lot of maintenance for the crew.

Polarcus decided to install the Marinfloc’s CD1 Pre-treatment units that break the emulsions by flocculation and deliver clean water to the filter separators. The vessels are now producing a steady <5 PPM effluent without frequent filter replacements.

Polarcus changed the scope to Marinfloc 5 PPM separators for the subsequent vessels in their series and have also installed Whiteboxes to monitor and control the overboard discharge.