The Stena Line Vessel Stena Danica was the first ship ever to get a Marinfloc bilge water separator. This is the cradle of Marinfloc. Where it all started over 25 years ago.

The Marinfloc founders and owners Benny and Peter developed the TD unit onboard Stena Danica and it was commissioned 1994 and has been in operation since. The Stena Danica produce approximately 7 m3 bilge water per day so the unit has discharged over 59,000 m3 of crystal clean water in total. Quite an im-pressive figure!

The upgrade from the TD model to the CD model is all about inverting the directions of the flocks from sinking to the bottom on a TD unit to float to the top as on a CD unit.

Stena Danica has a hull integrated flock tank and this will be converted to a settling tank instead where a lot of the sediments and free oil can be removed from the bilge water prior to the separator.

The upgrading module consist of the forced floatation module and flocculation tank and the greatest ad-vantage is that the unit is discharging overboard continuously instead of in batches as the TD model. So the maximum capacity will be increased from 16-18 m3/ day to 48 m3/day. The amount of flock sludge is also decreased as the Flocbooster and forced floatation makes the sludge more compact and concentrat-ed. A TD unit produce 10-15% flocculent residues whereas a CD unit only produce 3-5% and as the sludge is moreover continuously removed it will be entrapped into the oil layer of the sludge tank.

So after over 23 years in service the unit will now be upgraded to the latest model and we look forward to at least 60 000 m3 of water to treat in the years to come.

The upgrading module

The water after the forced floatation is well below 15 PPM before the filters