New Targeting Scheme by China MSA: Stricter Vessel Monitoring

The China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) has implemented stricter monitoring for vessels that meet specific criteria. According to information obtained from DNV, the new regulations target vessels with particular compliance issues. For detailed information, please refer to the link provided below.

The key criteria include:

  1. Vessels detained twice within the last 12 months, regardless of detention location.

  2. Vessels penalized twice in 12 consecutive months for serious violations such as:

    • Insufficient manning

    • Maliciously turning off the AIS system

    • Intentional illegal discharging of pollution

    • Overloading

    • Sea-related transportation by inland waterway vessels

    • Other violations including evasion of penalty, unlawful certificates, and major alterations without approval

Vessels under this scheme are likely to undergo detailed Port State Control (PSC) inspections at every port call in China.

To exclude a vessel from this scheme, shipping companies can apply to the China MSA administration after three months from the date of its inclusion. For more details, please see the "China MSA Circular – Issuing the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Vessels under Special Follow-up".

For further information, please click the link below to access the full details from DNV

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