The Neptumatic STS (Sewage Treatment Plant) is designed in compliance with the MEPC 227(64) standards, excluding the §4.2 requirements for Phosphorous and Nitrogen reduction in special areas.

The Neptumatic system is engineered to treat a combination of black and grey water, optimizing the vessel's holding tank as a bioreactor. This approach maximizes the bioreactor's capacity and retention time, thereby enhancing its efficiency without necessitating additional onboard space. Moreover, this design facilitates optimal conditions for bacterial growth, allowing for a compact treatment unit without compromising effluent water quality. The Neptumatic STS system comprises aerobic and anaerobic bioreactors (either integrated into the hull or standalone) for Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) reduction and denitrification (Nitrogen removal), a flocculation stage for solid and Phosphorous elimination, and a final disinfection process prior to overboard discharge.

The Neptumatic STS model can be upgraded to a Neptumatic ASTS model to reach the §4.2 special area requirement.


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Downloads for Neptumatic STS

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