The Neptumatic STS (Sewage Treatment Plant) is type approved to MEPC 227(64) but excluding the §4.2 Phosphorous and Nitrogen special area requirements.

The Neptumatic system treats mixed black and grey water and utilizes the vessels holding tank as bioreactor. This maximizes the bioreactor size, the retention time and hence the efficiency of the bioreactor without using any new space onboard. Apart from providing the best conditions for the bacteria it also makes it possible for the treatment unit itself to have a  very small foot print without affecting the effluent water quality.  The Neptumatic STS system consist of the aerobic and anaerobic bioreactors ( hull integrated or stand-alone) for BOD ( Biological oxygen demand) reduction and denitrification ( removal of Nitrogen), a flocculation stage to remove solids and Phosphorous and a final stage  disinfection before discharged overboard. 

The Neptumatic STS model can be upgraded to a Neptumatic ASTS model to reach the §4.2 special area requirement.

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