The Marinfloc CS-system is a patented and fully automatic comminuting and aerating system that is connected to sewage holding tank, sewage sludge tank and/or food waste holding tank.

 There are two major applications for the system.

  • Sewage holding tank aeration and discharge overboard.
  • Sewage sludge tank or food waste holding tank aeration to remove H2S and odor.

Process description

H2S is created when organic matter is decomposed in an oxygen poor environment. H2S is a gas that is odorous, toxic and explosive at high concentration and is moreover very corrosive. 

The Marinfloc CS continuously comminutes and aerates the tank by circulating the water with a macerating pump and by dissolving air under pressure that is released as microscopic air bubbles when the water is returned to the tank. The process saturates the water with oxygen and will reduce H2S and also BOD (5) (Biological oxygen demand) because of the enhanced the biological activity in the oxygen rich environment.

No maintenance demanding aeration modules are hence required in the tank and as the water is continuously circulated it will inhibit sedimentation in the tank and hence reduce the holding tank service intervals. The reduction of BOD (5) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) reduce the vessels environmental impact to the sea. The CS-system utilize no chemicals and consumes a minimum of energy in relation to the level of aeration.

The unit is fulfilling the requirements as per the MSC/Circ.648 guidelines for the operation, inspection and maintenance of ship sewage systems.


Downloads for CS Unit

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