M.A.R.S - Marinfloc Alert Report Support

M.A.R.S is the latest innovation from Marinfloc to improve the safety and the long term functionality of a Marinfloc system. By enabling data gathering the vessel will have all information available for analysis for the onshore operation. Also by adding the M.A.R.S onboard a vessel it takes the vessels support level to the 21st century by giving the Marinfloc system a online connection to the Marinfloc Service & Support department. Depending on what level of service is needed and specified by a service and support agreement the below services are offered.


Marinfloc analyze the running data and alert the vessel if any problems occur. For a CD bilge separator as an example it can be that we see that the chemical consumption is higher than normal and should be looked at.


By gathering all vital data Marinfloc can analyze the data and supply detailed discharge reports, running reports, harbor reports and summaries for the authorities or data for an electronic Oil Record Book.


Marinflocs long experience in analyzing data we find that we can help in localizing a problem easier by looking in the gathered information. It is also possible to connect directly to the bilge separator and help hands on remotely.
Also it is possible to update the software and online instruction videos as well as new online spare part lists.


The standard system is a standalone system that uses a VPN connection and its own router to connect thru secure IXON servers on shore. We do not interfere with the onboard systems to keep our systems away from other critical vessel systems.

The system also gives MODBUS accessibility to increase connectivity for other

The M.A.R.S system is completely compatible to DOCKER and is prepared to migrate to this when this is available by the customers.

POWER BI is used to analyse the data for the best flexibility and to customize the data reports.

M.A.R.S, maximum support and access to your data!