Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is an important technology that plays a critical role in meeting Tier III requirements. When used with compliant fuel such as LSFO, VLSFO, or LNG, EGR helps to reduce NOx emissions. However, the EGR process generates a portion of bleed-off water that must be treated to less than 15 PPM, which is also the requirement for bilge water.

To help shipowners overcome this challenge, Marinfloc has developed an innovative solution that combines both treatment systems. By doing so, capital expenditures can be significantly reduced without any negative impact on performance. Additionally, the system can help to reduce operating expenditures by streamlining maintenance, spare parts, and training requirements for just one unit.

The Marinfloc system is based on our proven flocculation technology, which has thousands of references worldwide. As standard, the Whitebox® is included to segregate waste streams, eliminate cross-contamination, and record all activities. The Whitebox® also fulfills EXXON requirements and is our recommended solution for all US calling vessels.

We understand that many shipowners are hesitant to adopt EGR solutions due to the additional treatment unit that must be installed onboard. With the Marinfloc system, however, you not only remove one unit but also add one of the market's most reputable high-performance bilge separators, which produces effluent values of less than 5 PPM as standard.

By adopting the Marinfloc system, you can take advantage of all the benefits of EGR without the need for an extra treatment unit. When used in combination with the MAN-ES ECO EGR, the system can further reduce operating expenditures, resulting in even greater cost savings for your business.


Take a look at our combined system: CD EGR