Marinfloc has conducted a pilot test for a Baltic port receiving black and grey water from passenger vessels. All Baltic ports must arrange black and grey water reception by June 1st as per the Helcom requirements. Lab testing has shown that black and grey water from vessels contains increased levels of metals, especially zinc and copper, which likely originates from the vessel piping. Metals are a big concern for sewage treatment plants as these end up in the sludge. The sludge is often used as fertilizer on farmland and if the metal limits are exceeded in the sludge, it cannot be used and must be disposed at high cost. Most of the metals are bound in particles or can be removed by the flocculation process so the Marinfloc solution is tailored accordingly. Black water was landed from a ferry and treated by a Drum screen and a ASTS 6 unit installed in a 20 foot container. Please check out the movie and deem for yourself if the test was successful or not.