The bus will finally arrive in Hamburg for the SMM exhibition after visiting both Norshipping and Posidonia. SMM is what everyone has been waiting for and we look forward to meet you all once again.
2022 has been a good year so far for Marinfloc and we are eager to show you all the exciting news that we have to present that shows that we are still on the front edge of the marine industry.

Improving by Removing – Simpler, better, cheaper
With all the new references for the unique Marinfloc Bilge & EGR treatment unit that is improving the onboard system performance by removing equipment we can also show how customers drastically reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.

The system improves the operational procedures and gives the crew less advanced equipment to handle but with improved performance.

MARS - Marinfloc, Alert, Report and Support
The Marinfloc developed portal provides you with an instant overview of your operation. MARS comes in three different options covering all your needs and completely digital with an operational control no matter where you are in the world. The Marinfloc portal is always providing you with relevant data.
Also certificates and reports to stay compliant is features that MARS can bring your operation.

SAFE - Your OWS Service Agreement to ensure clean water overboard
Marinfloc has developed a service agreement to take care of your OWS and ensure clean water overboard.
The three different levels covering all your needs including service engineers at your vessel, training, certificate management, MARS access, discounts among other valuable features.

Some equipment that will be displayed by the bus

  • CD EGR HMI – Marinflocs unique bilge and EGR treatment unit
  • Whitebox® - Marinflocs famous bilge safety discharge system (1500units produced celebration)
  • ASTS HMI – Marinflocs Sewage treatment that is approved for every need including 4.2
  • Ocean Guardian™ - All rules updated and onboard digitally
  • MARS – Marinfloc Alert Report Support will give you all relevant data before you need it
  • SAFE – Marinfloc Service Agreement to ensure a safe Operation incl. discounts, connected equipment, MARS etc. for your entire fleet.
  • CDMU – Marinflocs Clean Drain Monitoring Unit
  • EGR BTU – Marinflocs EGR Buffer Tank Unit in SS 316L