The Gothenburg based Chalmers University of Technology has developed a unique position on education and research in almost every aspect of science and technology. The Chalmers Campus Lindholmen sits on historic ground as this northern Göta Älv riverbank used to be the beating heart of the Swedish ship building industry.

A good example of Chalmers peak technology is the IGPS project (Identification of Gross Polluting Ships) designed for online monitoring of airborne ship emissions in SECA (Sulfur Emission Control Area). The IGPS-system provides real time data from samples taken on the exhaust gases of passing ships to determine what kind of fuel is being used. This system is certified and ready to be mounted on helicopters, under bridges or other strategic positions along the ship´s route.

The technology is out there – let´s use it!

“Statistics clearly shows that it´s the everyday minor spills that is the key component in the environmental struggle”, says Dr. Kent Salo, Senior Lecturer at Chalmers Lindholmen. “Sometimes the spills come in form of too high level of sulfur in the fuel oil or failure to deal with waste water handling onboard, but we need to address them all. The technology is out there and we need to get it installed and start using it!”

A ships engine room on 6 wheels

Kent Salo is responsible for the courses in maritime environment. “Over the years Chalmers has benefitted from the cooperation with Swedish companies within the marine sector. We have lots of guest lecturers from the business community but Marinfloc really takes it up a notch by bringing their demo bus and running their waste water equipment live. 60 soon-to-become Marine Engineers are given a theoretical and practical education by Marinfloc personnel inside our labs on the flocculation technology. This is then topped off by a thorough demo of the Marinfloc technology and equipment in the blue double decker bus. You don´t come any closer to an engine room than that!” Kent watches the students queue up outside the bus on a rainy day and adds: “Marinfloc literally brings their knowhow, technology and product to our doorstep.”