The Marinfloc Whitebox History 1,000 Marinfloc Whiteboxes delivered today and more will follow.

It all started in the year 1999. A large cruise company that had bilge water related issues with one of their vessels decided to take the necessary measures to avoid that problem from occurring again. After successfully upgrading their equipment and practices onboard, one of their vessels approached port and by happenchance sailed through an oil slick. The Captain and Chief Engineer were accused of wrongdoing as the vessel had been in the position of the oil spill. After a thorough investigation, the cruise company was able to prove that the oil slick did not originate from their vessel releasing the Captain, Chief Engineer and corporation from all charges.

This experience motivated the Technical Director for the cruise company to contact Marinfloc with the request to develop a concept to solve this challenge. They needed a system that would prove they were in compliance and illustrate their sound sense of environmental stewardship. 

The solution was the invention of the Marinfloc Whitebox. From the beginning it was a lockable cage containing an Oil Content Monitor, a flow switch ensuring continuous sample flow through the oil content meter, a three-way valve directing the treated bilge water overboard or to return, a flow meter summarizing how much water discharged overboard and a record of the oil content (ppm) level, the discharged volume and the position of the 3-way valve. This was the first Marinfloc Whitebox and the year was 2000. 

Since then, the Whitebox has been further developed to incorporate the latest technology. Today the Whitebox is connected to the vessel’s GPS and records the position and time. The Whitebox recorder also logs any opening of the door, when the oil content meter is flushed, and that there is a flow through the oil content meter. The data collected can also provide statistics to use when detailing an organization’s level of compliance and environmental awareness.

Marinfloc is very proud to announce that the 1,000th Whitebox has been delivered and will soon be installed onboard an oil tanker being delivered in the Far East. The 1,000th Whitebox was sold by Marinfloc skilled and reliable US partner Total Marine Solutions. 

Ola Larsson, Managing Director Marinfloc AB

An exclusive sign for the 1,000:th Whitebox

The regular sign with manufacturing year, serial no and 3:rd party certificate no.

1000 Whiteboxes in service calls for a celebration! Custom made cake for everyone.