Marinfloc has to date delivered > 1000 Whiteboxes since the launch 1998. We invented the Whitebox and it has continuously been developed to increase the functionality and safety for our users. The philosophy behind the 2017 edition is that it should never be opened unless for service purposes. This includes accessing the Oil Content Meter alarm test button from the front and the alarm can now also be set to increment to simulate high PPM alarm and valve shift over at port state control. The recirculation facility can also be accessed from outside the Whitebox by an elongated valve handle that protrudes through a slit under the Whitebox.

The back pressure in the Oil Content Meter measuring cell can be adjusted from the outside on Whiteboxes equipped with coolers. This is to prevent air bubbles interfering with the oil content meter readings by keeping air in solution by pressure.

The Whitebox (R) is a registered trademark.