We are pleased to offer you 2 options to ensure a cost effective way to keep your OMD unit compliant with the I.M.O. Resolution MEPC.107(49).

OPTION 1 –  Cell Calibration Only

Part No MS-001-0000001

  1. Send us your cell*
  2. Your cell will be calibrated by Marinfloc authorized engineer
  3. We will return your calibrated cell within 14 days from receiving it**. The above EX Works pricedoes not include possible custom charges for item sent to us or additional repair costs***


OPTION 2 – Exchange System

Part No MS-001-0010001 (OMD 24)

Part No MS-001-0010002 (OMD 2005)


  1. We will send you a reconditioned calibrated cell from our stock and issue a credit uponreceiving your cell*. The above EX Works price does not include possible custom charges for item sent to us or additional repair costs**.
  2. Your old cell shall be returned to us within 60 days from issued invoice. If cell is not returned within time limit, no credit note will be issued and the initial invoice is valid.

NOTE: This service is subject to availability of reconditioned cells. In the event of unavailability, we will offer a new cell and credit 3,000 SEK for your returned cell as long as it is deemed to be in usable condition*

 *The measuring cell must be in useable condition, not mechanically damaged or strongly corroded. Broken glass tubes andwater damaged electronic parts are a total loss. In such case, we will dispose the cell and offer a new cell to replace yourunit.

**the 14 days guarantee only applies to cells that only require calibration, i.e. no repairs.

***Where applicable, additional reparation costs other that calibration costs will either be invoiced or deducted from credited amount.


How to order

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