In 2001 Marinfloc introduced the Whitebox to provide the vessel with online records on PPM-value, position of 3-way valve, vessel position and more. The Whitebox is also equipped with a flow meter which count total overboard discharge.


Earlier versions of the Marinfloc Whitebox were equipped with a mechanical flow meter with an impeller giving a pulse signal to the recorder every 10 litre. Throughout the years we have notice that the flow meter is sensitive to corrosive water and vibrations which will damage the impeller and give inaccurate or no readings of the overboard discharge


Our electromagnetic flow meter provides following benefits.

  • Improved accuracy.
  • No moving parts in the pipe and withstands corrosive water and vibrations.
  • Illuminated display indicating present flow rate.
  • One additional 4-20mA output for present flow rate.
  • Password protected access to the flow meter settings.


The installation is easily done by removing the existing flow switch and mounting the new. All existing fittings and tubings may be reused. New control cable also connects to same terminals in control cabinet.