In 2001 Marinfloc introduced the Whitebox in order to provide the vessel with online records on PPM-value, vessel position, discharged water volume. The Whitebox is also equipped with a flow switch which ensures sample water flow through the Oil Content Meter (OCM)-cell.


Earlier versions of the Marinfloc Whitebox was equipped with flow switch (Model PF2). Unfortunately our servic engineers as well as port state authorities have found that crew have tampered with the flow switch in order to simulate flow.


New flow switch (Model PF3) is password protected and provides additional security:

  • Crew will not be able to tamper with the flow switch in order to simulate flow through OCM Oil Content Meter
  • Upgrade your Marinfloc Whitebox to the highest level of security. 


The installation is easily done by removing the existing flow switch and mounting the new. All existing fittings and tubings may be reused. New control cable also connects to same terminals in control cabinet.

What´s in the kit?

The upgrade kit holds all components, cables and installation parts needed.