As per IMO regulations, Marinfloc OWS and Whitebox is equipped with a 15ppm oil content monitor which measuring the oil-in-water before discharged overboard.


Throughout the years the oil content monitors has been improved for more accurate ppm readings and to meet new IMO regulations. The earlier versions of oil content monitors are an outgoing product and reconditioning, recalibration and spare parts is becoming hard find for each day.


Oil content monitor OMD 2008 meet the latest IMO regulations MEPC 107 (49) and have following benefits:

  • Easy to replace cell for renewal of calibration certificate and availability of spare parts.
  • Alarm test function that will make a port state inspection easy.
  • Notification when it is time to replace the desiccator.
  • Sample temperature, humidity level and dewpoint temperature can be view in the display.
  • Remote or local activation of flushing valve.