Bilge water separators

No other waste stream on a ship is as closely linked to million-dollar fines and imprisonment as bilge water (engine room generated wastewater). The term “magic pipe” is well-known among marine engineers, and many have seen them in action because they are still commonly used on ships. We believe that the reason for this isn’t a lack of knowledge or trust, but rather a lack of working separators due to an old regulation without any testing in real time scenarios.  

Bilge water isn’t just limited to oil and water; anything brought into the engine room can end up in it. This cocktail contains washing chemicals, rust, sewage leaks, boiler water chemicals, lubrication, and hydraulic oil, foaming liquids, CIP-fluids, grey water leaks, metals, soot, bacteria, dust, and other contaminants. This variation creates a most difficult challenge for marine engineers as conventional static separators are only designed to treat bilge water consisting mostly of marine fuel oil and water which many manufactures also state in the fine prints. 

Marinfloc addresses this challenge head-on with its advanced bilge water separators, the Marinfloc CD separator, and two specialized pre-treatment units. Our solutions are tailored to handle the complex nature of bilge water, ensuring optimal treatment and compliance with environmental regulations, for your safety. 

The Power of Flocculation

Our solutions uses flocculation, where particles in wastewater are coagulated into larger aggregates called flocs. This method is particularly effective because these larger flocs settle out of the water more rapidly, allowing for efficient separation of contaminants. By using flocculation, Marinfloc ensures a superior level of wastewater purification, capturing even the tiniest of pollutants that conventional systems might miss this includes also heavy metals and other contaminants that is not oil. Just because this contaminants are not regulated it does not mean we should dispose this into our oceans if you can avoid it. 

The gap between design and reality leads to inefficiency, which is why the majority of ships violating Annex I regulations can be traced back to simpler types of separators. With Marinfloc's innovative approach, shipowners can confidently navigate the challenges of wastewater management, ensuring both compliance and environmental responsibility way beyond the regulation. 

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