Discharge monitoring units

In the maritime world, compliance isn't just about adhering to laws—it's about upholding the ethical spirit behind them. While regulations set the standard, responsible action ensures the safety and reputation of both the crew and the company. Recent incidents have underscored the severe consequences of non-compliance, from hefty fines to legal repercussions, even for actions outside US waters. 
To ensure safer and cleaner shipping in the EU, the Council presidency and European Parliament’s negotiators reached a provisional agreement on a revised directive on ship-source pollution, as part of the ‘maritime safety’ legislative package. 

The revised directive incorporates international standards into EU law, ensuring that those responsible for illegal discharges of polluting substances are subject to dissuasive, effective, and proportionate penalties to improve maritime safety and better protect the marine environment from pollution by ships. 

Marinfloc goes beyond mere compliance. With over 25 years of expertise in bilge water management we prioritize not only meeting regulations but also fostering a responsible maritime environment. Our discharge monitoring solutions, the Whitebox, MARS and Ocean Guardian, are designed to keep crews compliant, well documented and informed ensuring peace of mind on every voyage. 


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