Offshore water treatment

Marinfloc Offshore Water Treatment System

Marinfloc offers a multi-stage water treatment system for managing slop water, a mix of water, oil, and drilling residues from offshore drilling. This system ensures environmental compliance and reduces the cost of transporting water to onshore facilities.

Stage 1: Solids Separation The Marinfloc Decanter Centrifuge separates solids from water, preventing tank buildup and ensuring smooth operations.

Stage 2: Oil and Sediment Separation Heated settling tanks separate oil and sediments, further purifying the water.

Stage 3: Fine Particle Removal The Deck Drain Separator uses flocculation to remove fine particles, ensuring water meets discharge standards below 5ppm.

Additional Component: Marinfloc dRain Unit The dRain unit manages rainwater mixed with oil, diverting clean water overboard and sending contaminated water to the slop tank. This is crucial for offshore rigs and FPSOs.

Applications Initially conceptualized for offshore rigs, the efficiency and adaptability of the Marinfloc water treatment system have made it a preferred choice for high-end drill ships and other maritime vessels facing similar challenges.

Modular Design While each component of the Marinfloc water treatment system is effective on its own and available for separate purchase, they are frequently combined into one comprehensive system to maximize efficiency and performance.

System Features and Benefits
Primary advantages

Comprehensive Treatment: From solids removal to oil separation and fine particle filtration, the system offers a complete solution for offshore water treatment. 

Cost Efficiency: By treating water directly on the rig, the system eliminates the need for costly transportation to onshore facilities.

Environmental Compliance: Each stage of the system is designed to meet or exceed environmental regulations, ensuring clean water discharge.

Operational Flexibility: Available in EX and Non-Ex versions, the system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of various offshore installations. 

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