Innovative solutions

Over the past three decades, Marinfloc has been a driving force behind numerous innovations within the maritime waste management industry. Our primary objective is to ensure that our products provide the best possible foundation for crew members to maintain a high standard of sustainability aboard their vessels.

There are numerous types of wastewater generated by vessels, each possessing unique characteristics and subject to different regulations. Wastewater presents multiple challenges, as it pollutes the environment, incurs costs for operators, and poses significant risks if discharged improperly. At Marinfloc, we offer comprehensive solutions for managing various types of wastewater commonly found on board, ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable marine environment.

Our holistic approach is grounded in innovation, expertise, and dedication, encompassing system design, equipment, service, and training. We understand that addressing wastewater issues requires a multifaceted strategy, and we are committed to providing solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each vessel.

At the heart of all our offerings is a singular goal: to achieve clean water discharge overboard. By investing in Marinfloc's cutting-edge waste management solutions, you can help safeguard our oceans and promote sustainability in the maritime industry for generations to come.