No other waste stream on a ship is so closely connected to million dollar fines and imprisonment as bilge water (engine room generated waste water). The phrase “magic pipe” is common knowledge among marine engineers and many has seen these in practice as they are still commonly used on ships.

Bilge water can contain anything that is brought to the engine room and not just oil and water. It is a mix of washing chemicals, rust, sewage leaks, boiler water chemicals, lubrication and hydraulic oil, foaming liquids, CIP-fluids, grey water leaks, metals, soot, bacteria, dust etc. Oil is the only bilge water substance that is regulated but far from the only harmful substance present.

The bilge water composition and volume varies from day to day and from ship to ship depending on the routines onboard, daily activities, trading area and what type of equipment is installed in the engine room.

The solution is different for different vessels but we can assist with everything from settling tanks to heating, Pre-treatment units, separators and Whiteboxes. Continous training, service and verification is also an important part of the solution.