As per MEPC 60(33), it is recognized that conventional gravimetric separators are not designed to handle emulsified oil effectively. With the Marinfloc CD Pre-T (Pre-treatment) unit, you can ensure that your existing MEPC 60(33) OWS performs optimally and that your bilge water treatment remains cost-efficient. Our CD Pre-treatment system is specifically designed to break down emulsions before the clean water is directed to the existing OWS.

This approach not only reduces the high costs associated with filter replacements but also minimizes the extensive maintenance required for your separator. The CD Pre-treatment is easy to install and does not impact the type approval of your existing OWS.

When your non-Marinfloc OWS reaches the end of its lifecycle, it can be decommissioned, and the continuous flow Marinfloc CD Pre-T system can be upgraded from a pre-treatment unit to a full-scale Marinfloc CD unit, compliant with the latest MEPC 107(49) regulations. This seamless transition ensures ongoing efficiency and regulatory adherence in your bilge water treatment process.


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Downloads for CD Pre-Treatment

pdf Product catalogue Bilge Water (3.48 MB)

pdf Process Description CD Pre T (998 KB)


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