As MEPC 60(33) states that it cannot be expected of a gravimetrical separator to handle emulsified oil the Marinfloc CD Pre-T (Pre-treatment) unit you will make sure your old MEPC 60(33) OWS will work and the bilge water treatment will be cost efficient. The CD Pre-treatment is designed to break these emulsions before feeding the clean water to the existing OWS. 

This procedure will also reduce the high cost and extensive maintenance that is related to changing filter on your separator. The CD Pre-treatment is easy to install and will not affect the type approval of your existing OWS.

When worn out, the existing none Marinfloc OWS can be decommissioned and the continuous flow Marinfloc CD Pre-T can be upgraded from a pre-treatment unit to a full scale Marinfloc CD unit corresponding to the newest MEPC 107(49) regulations.

Downloads for CD Pre-Treatment

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