Drillslop holding tanks are well known to have problems with solids gathering in the bottom of the tanks. In time this will reduce the capacity of the tank and cause problems when draining. The solids also cause major wear and functionality problems on drill slop separators as they are not designed to treat solids, only oil.

Marinflocs Offshore decanter will recirculate the drillslop while keeping the solids in suspension to remove the solids from the water. The decanter will reduce the problem with solids gathering in the tank bottom. Solid sensors in the tank bottom will alert the crew that they soon will have a problem in the tanks.

The base of the Marinfloc Offshore decanter is coming from the mining industry in Sweden and then adapted for Offshore use by Marinfloc and its partners.

We have two different sizes 5m3/h and 10m3/h and it is approved for EX/IECEX Zone 1

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