Drilling slop is liquid waste that is a mixture of mostly water with significant concentrations of oil and drilling mud. It is generated in most spaces and locations that handle drilling mud including the drill floor, mud pump room, reserve and active pit rooms, mud processing room, shaker room, and sack room. The Marinfloc drill slop treatment system is capable of handling the high solid content concentrations of barite and bentonite and requires special handing and processing to treat to acceptable levels prior to discharging overboard. The system consist of a decanter centrifuge that will separate the solids from the water, a settling tank system that will heat the water and where oil and sediments are separated before treated by the separator that has been specially engineered to this demanding media.

The water flow in the piping from the deck drain can contain oil and should hence be measured and routed to holding tanks if the oil content is above the limit. The volumes can be very big at heavy rain and the flow through the piping also varies with the rain fall intensity and it has been a challenge to adequately measure the drain water.  The Marinfloc dRain unit will safely monitor and control the overboard discharge and rout clean water directly overboard regardless of flow rate through the drain piping and hence save a lot of clean water from entering the holding tanks.

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