Marinfloc EGR bleed off and Bilge water treatment

The CD-unit can take suction from either the EGR Bleed off tank or the Bilge water holding tank. It utilizes 3 x three-way valves connected that is controlled by the operator that can choose what media to treat. The system makes sure that the waste streams are never mixed and is separately recorded so both the Oil Record Book and the EGR Record Book can be filled in in a compliant way. 

The EGR bleed off water is collected in a bleed off water drain tank of a cascade type to separate as much sot as possoble before reaching the separator. The  design to be approved by Marinfloc. The tank should be equipped with heating coils to heat the bleed off water to 40-55 ° C, solid sensors that will detect solidification of soot is recommended. 

The system must have segragated sludge tanks as per the Marpol requirements. 

The waste water is treated overboard through a Whitebox® by the CD unit and all vital system data such as tank levels, valve positions, oil content, discharged volume etc is recorded and logged in the Whitebox®  recorder.

One of the most important things to consider is the size of the tanks so that they are large enough for the vessel can be used for example in the Missisippi estuary (24hour) or Elbe estuary (12hour). Marinfloc can help in tank calculations based on vessel owners demands.




The benefits of the Marinfloc EGR system

  • Class approved combined Bilge water and EGR bleed off water treatment.
  • Lower CAPEX & OPEX
  • Type approved to MEPC 107(49) to 5 PPM as per DNVGL CLEAN DESIGN requirements.
  • In accordance with “2018 Guidelines for the discharge of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) bleed-off water”, Resolution MEPC 307(73).
  • One separator for both waste streams — less equipment onboard.
  • Combined unit — Optimized use of tanks, space and resources.
  • Whitebox® included for monitoring, control and reporting for EGR record book and Oil record book entries. Exxon compliant and all other oil majors.
  • Based on proven flocculation technology which is optimum for both EGR bleed off and bilge water.
  • Proven technology. > 1000 Separators delivered